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NEW: U2 live in Boston 1980 - 1CD - December 13


I am not one who usually writes long notes about the shows, I give the linage and transfer info I have
and if I record the show a little bit of taping info and let the listener enjoy the show. But this one
is different. It took me a few years to track this one down and it is one of my favorites because this
show marked the turning point or the starting point for U2 USA and success.  If you have not read
Carter Alan’s book Outside is America U2 in the U.S. DO. I am going to paraphrase the chapter U-WHO

If you do not know, Carter Alan is WBCN (Boston biggest radio station) DJ who helped discover U2.
Carter starts off the chapter describing the Boston rock seen and the radio seen. MIT had a college radio
station WTBS-FM 10 watt that played new fresh underground music. WBCN was ahead if their time and hired a
few of their DJ's to do their shows for WBCN adding new music to a more mainstream outlet. Carter was the 2nd
DJ hired. One August summer Carter popped into a local record store as Greg (salesman and DJ at collage radio
station) was opening a new shipment of singles from the UK. In the box was music from Sex Pistils, The Clash,
Echo and the Bunnimen and “2 singles from a band simply called U2” They listened to A DAY Without Me and
11 o’clock tick tock. Carter purchased A Day Without Me and brought it to his manger at WBCN who explained
before we air new music for a band who is unknown we like to know about their records sales, local concert
attendance, requests from callers etc. On a rare occasion you just have to listen to the music and if it was
good play it.(U2 do not have any sales, they do not have a record and have never played in the US) Carter played U2 in his show that night. Carter
also brought the single to the college radio where it became the 2nd requested song. Carter reserved a copy of U2
UK release of BOY and took one of the 2 copies that were imported into Boston.

WBCN was supporting a band called Barooga who was to play at the Paradise
on DEC 13 1980. They found out an unknown Irish Band named U2 was on the bill for warm up. WBCN was going to hold
of on heavy u2 play until Boy was to be released in the US in a few month because people could not by the LP in
the US and their were no UK copies around. Once WBCN confirmed that U2 was playing they impounded Carter’s copy
of Boy and asked all the DJ's to freely play it.

The Paradise was crowded for an unknown warm up band and the crowd went nuts. The lights turn on and Bono looks at
 the crowd surprised to see them and they start 11 o’clock. Bono states this is like being home. After "Things" Bono
 says," there are a lot of people who weren’t supposed to be here." They played over their time allotment and the
Paradise staff listening to the crowd gave them the OK for an Encore. 11 was played again. They crowd did not let up
and the Paradise stage member ushers the surprise band back on. Bono says “ this is the first time ever” meaning
having to do a 2nd encore for a US crowd.

After the show the crowd leaves and does not stay to here the well-promoted Barooga.
Carter goes to U2 dressing room and is introduced by a local “This is Carter Alan from WBCN and they have been
playing your record! Four head whip around... “ Then George Skaubitus a local promotion man for Warner Brother walks
 in. Warner Brothers record label will be distributing Boy for Island in the US. He enjoyed the show and the crowd
reaction toward this unknown band called U2.

WBCN and Warner Brothers taped the next Paradise shows in March. WBCN has aired the early show from time to time.
(This was uploaded on U2 torrents in the past) and Warner brother's put out a promo copy of the 2nd show called
2 sides live and many of these track have become b-sides. (this was uploaded on dime before it called and move to dime)
[This copy is not allowd on the new dime or u2 torrents) The rest is history and there is a reason why the Irish
of Boston Loves U2 and U2 loves Boston.

Sooooo here is where it all started.

unknown taper and equimpent. Low gen tape (very little hiss)

cat dubn - into heart
another t

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NEW: U2 live in Paris 1980 - 1CD - December 4

U2, Nogent sur Marne Pavillon Baltard, 1980 december 4th, UNCIRCULATED from the SM aud MASTER

An early U2 recorded back in 1980 when they opened for Talking Heads in Nogent near Paris.
Made from the floor using a Sony TCD5 M and a couple of Phonia powered mics.
The tape is uploaded as it is, with fades in on 01 and 07; SQ is near EX.

01. Fade in > An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart
02. Another Time, Another Place
03. The Cry/The Electric Co.
04. Things To Make And Do
05. Twilight
06. I Will Follow
07. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock

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NEW: U2 live in Paris 1980 - 1CD - December 3

03.12.1980, France, Paris, Baltard Pavilion
First In France
good / Very Good Audience

01. An Cat Dubh
02. Into The Heart
03. Another Time, Another Place
04. The Cry, The Electric Co.
05. Things To Make And Do
06. Twilight
07. I Will Follow
08. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock


09. Driving To Midnight Mass (On A Dublin Christmas Eve) *

Total: 35:39

* rare spoken Christmas poem by Bono on Dublin radio, December 31, 1983.

Taper: Unkown
History: Audience 2. Gen. By Jeff R.

First 11 O'Clock Tick Tock is missing

Per Pimm: At their performance in France, Bono attempts to adress the crowd in their own language. "Uhm, let me see... nous appelle U2, et we sont.. er... is that alright?" The Talking Heads fans respond to U2 reasonably well. "We're going to New York tomorrow, so we'll say hello for you."


NEW: U2 live in Birmingham 1980 - 1CD - November 28

November 28, 1980
Aston University
Birmingham, England

Total Time: 49:18
Source: Audience
Transfered By: RossMan

01 - Stories For Boys (02:55)
02 - The Ocean (01:41)
03 - 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (04:44)
04 - Touch (02:52)
05 - An Cat Dubh (04:11)
06 - Into The Heart (03:13)
07 - Another Time Another Place (04:13)
08 - The Cry/The Electric Co. (05:01)
09 - Things To Make And Do (02:33)
10 - Twilight (04:05)
11 - I Will Follow (03:38)
12 - 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (04:38)
13 - The Ocean (02:16)
14 - Father Is An Elephant (03:11)

Recording/Transfer Notes:

I had previously transfered this recording a few years ago.
I had thought my copy ended with Track 14, "Father..." being cut off.
But just noticed that my tape had the complete track on the flip side.
So if I traded this show to you with that track cut off, than this is
a upgrade. sorry about that.
Otherwise, not much to say about this recording. Pretty poor sound wise.
Had to make a few edits to cut out dead air and to join the tape flip
before the last track. No music lost at all. Normalized & faded in and out.
No processing was done whatsoever.

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NEW: U2 live in Edinburgh 1980 - 1CD - November 21

November 21, 1980
Nite Club
Edinburgh, Scotland

01 Stories For Boys (3:28)
02 The Ocean (1:36)
03 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (5:23)
04 Touch (3:22)
05 Another Time Another Place (4:43)
06 The Cry/The Electric Co./ Send In The Clowns - snippet - (6:36)
07 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (5:25)
08 The Ocean (2:42)
09 Father Is An Elephant (3:36)
10 An Cat Dubh (4:48)
11 Into The Heart (3:11)

"An Cat Dubh/Into The Heart" were probably played after "Touch" and not at the end of the concert. I left those tracks at the end of the recording in the same way I received them on tape.

The recording might be incomplete because "Twilight" and "I Will Follow" are not on the recording (but had probably been played after "The Electric Co.").

The sound is bad.

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NEW: U2 live in Canterbury 1980 - 1CD - November 11

U2 - Canterbury 1980-11-11

Source: November 11, 1980 - Canterbury (UK), University

Sound Quality: Good audience

Total Time : 46:06
Complete Show : YES
Covers : NO

Track listing:

01. Stories For Boys
02. The Ocean
03. 11 O'Clock Tick Tock
04. Touch
05. An Cat Dub
06. Into The Heart
07. Another Time, Another Place
08. The Electric Co.
09. Things To Make And Do
10. Twilight
11. I Will Follow
12. Father Is An Elephant

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NEW: U2 live in Groningen 1980 - 1CD - October 16

Vera, Groningen, The Netherlands
October 16, 1980

unknown taper

01 The Ocean (1:39)
02 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (4:58)
03 I Will Follow - cuts off - (1:17)
04 Touch (2:43)
05 An Cat Dubh (4:09)
06 Into The Heart (3:36)
07 A Day Without Me - excerpt - (0:39)
08 The Electric Co. - excerpt - (0:29)

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