Wednesday, 19 April 2017

NEW: U2 - Auckland 1989 soundcheck - 1CD - November 11 - source #2

Auckland, New Zealand, Western Springs soundcheck
November, 11, 1989

01 Slow Dancing (5:23)
02 jamming (1:35)
03 unknown (6:48)
04 unknown (3:27)

The recording is incomplete. The last track cuts off. The full setlist of the soundcheck was:

Slow Dancing/ Two Hearts Beat As One/ unknown/ unknown/ Where The Streets Have No Name/ Bad

The most important songs of the soundcheck are available. I have never seen a complete copy of this soundcheck in circulation.
I only got Slow Dancing as a first copy from the taper. I received the two unknown songs in a trade 20 years ago.

Track 3 is "Going Down South" from the "Berlin demos" which is an early version of the bridge in "Tryin' To Throw Your Arms Around
The World". I have no idea about track 4.

The quality is poor. It was a windy day in Auckland on November 11th in 1989 and this soundcheck was probably recorded from outside
the venue. The taper did not record the show (I don't know the reason for it).

Download this bootleg here

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