Wednesday, 19 April 2017

NEW: U2 live in Christchurch 1989 - 2CD - November 4 - source #3

U2 Christchurch 4th of November 1989 - Remastered

Unknown tape source, unknown generation, sourced from tape trade.
Sound is a little distant but clear.

On 4th of November 1989 U2 played a show to the biggist audience ever
assembled in Christchurch, 60 000 people gathered in Lancaster Park
stadium, which now is called "Jade Stadium". U2 was on one of their
shorter tours, the 1989 -1990 Lovetown tour, which mostly was a
continuation of the 1987 Joshua Tree Tour, covering the Pacific Rim,
ending in Europe with the famous New Years Night show from Dublin and
a few other European stops.

I downloaded this originally from
The channel imbalance of this stereo recording became apparent immediately,
with one channel running at about half the volume of the other. When trying
to fix this I also discovered that left and right channels had been swaped
three times over the course of the show. I rectified this before re-combining
all tracks into one wave, then channel balancing and normalizing the entire
show in one run with Cooledit Pro. When re-cutting the tracks I started each
track with the actual music, not with the banter preceding each song.
A gap at the beginning of track one from the original torrent is also fixed.
I also created the artwork included.


01. where the streets have no name
02. i will follow
03. gloria
04. i still havent found what im looking for
05. mlk
06. one tree hill
07. god pt II
08. desire
09. all along the watchtower
10. all i want is you
11. people get ready
12. bad
13. van diemens land
14. new years day
15. pride
16. angel of harlem
17. when love comes to town


01. love rescue me
02. star spangled banner / bullet the blue sky
03. running to stand still(small drop out poss tape flip no music lost)
04. with or without you


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