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NEW: U2 live in Amsterdam 1989 - 1CD - December 18 - source #5

December 18th, 1989
Amsterdam, Netherlands @ Rai Europa Hal

"U2 - Amsterdam XXX Love Town" -> Silver Disc's

Manufacture : Cupido
Number      : Cupido 05
Quality     : Very good audience recording

There's a different version of this date still active, but I decided to seed it anyway.
The other one is not much better.  

Well, my first U2 concert and it's the one where Bono had voice problems. The concert was
Ok en I think Bono was really pissed off when his voice let him down. The two other
additional shows (19th & 20th Dec) were also cancelled and the band announced 4 new shows
after the new year in Rotterdam. The concert organisator (Mojo) said to keep the tickets
for a new show, but that was not the case.

Well if you had tickets for the cancelled show of the 19th Dec 1989, you could changed it
for the 5th or 6th of Jan 1990. If you had tickets for the 20th, you could change it for
the 9th or 10th Jan 1990. The ticket holders who attended the original 1st show (Dec 18th)
were not able to get any tickets. But later the stage could move more to the back, a few
2000 tickets came available over the 4 nights. So that was a lottery and the people who
were left out got their money back. So I got my money back but luckly I obtained tickets
for the 1st show in R'dam via an advert in the newspaper.


01. Hawkmoon 269
02. Desire
03. All Along The Watchtower
04. All I Want Is You
05. Where The Streets Have No Name
06. I Will Follow
07. I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For
08. MLK
09. The Unforgettable Fire
10. God Part II
11. Help
12. Bad
13. Van Diemen's Land
14. New Year's Day
15. Pride (In The Name Of Love)
16. 40

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